Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Makes a Genius?

What Makes a Genius? is a BBC documentary presented by Marcus du Sautoy, exploring what makes someone a genius. Marcus du Sautoy wants to know if geniuses are just an extreme version of himself - or whether their brains are fundamentally different. He meets some remarkable individuals - Tommy, an obsessive artist who uses his whole house as his canvas; Derek: blind, autistic, and a pianist with apparently prodigious gifts; Claire who is also blind, but whose brain has learnt to see using sound.

Marcus is shown how babies have remarkable abilities which most of us lose as teenagers. He meets a neuroscientist who claims he has evidence of innate ability, a scientist who's identified a gene for learning, and Dr. Paulus, who has discovered how to sharpen the brain... by electrically turbo-charging it. (from bbc.co.uk)

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