Monday, January 9, 2012

The Universe - Beyond the Big Bang

Beyond the Big Bang is a History Channel documentary taking a look back in time billions and billions of years to the origin of the Big Bang. Leading physicists and historians theorize what happened before the bang occurred, how the physical nature of the universe unfolded as energy became matter forming stars and galaxies, and how the universe continues to expand outward at an ever-accelerating rate.

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  1. Big Bang ..Big BS - Astronomical redshift is an artifact of distance! .. The Big Bangers, Sagan, Hawking et al, are idiots and stretcher case retards, whose impetus is the dumbing down of mankind.

    Who remain the scientific equivalent of politicians and journalists, blind to hard evidence that 911 was an inside job!

    Look at the image of the Virgo cluster of galaxies, for galaxies extending as far as the eye can see, some appear to exist in a swarm around the sub cluster at the core, others are in streamers and wisps of galaxies extending outward, until their images are no more than pin points.

    In the 1950's, when the spectra of deep field galaxies, obtained by Edwin Hubble with the two hundred inch telescope on Mount Palomar, was subjected to scrutiny, it was found that the absorption lines of all the common elements, were shifted toward the red end of the spectrum.

    This is called redshift, the furthest ones away, attested to by the small width of their image on the photographic plates, all had greater RS than their closer counterparts, whose images subtended a greater angle.

    When space based and adaptive optic instruments, extended the visual limit even further, vastly more distant edge on spiral galaxies, recognized as a central bulge with two pointy bits, extending about twice as far on the same axis, emerged in the same advanced stages of evolution as the MW.

    Here RS is approaching twelve, which puts the rate of recession well into the super luminal category, which means faster than the speed of light, yet they are goin’ about their own business, the same as around here.

    Expanding the images further, for faint blobs of light which are galaxies ever further away in every direction, and see them as neurons in the brain of God, which is meant in no evangelical sense, it just seems the best way to describe it.

    Redshift is an artifact of distance, the fact that M31, the relatively nearby Andromeda Galaxy has blue shift, is because it is gravitationally bound with the other galaxies in the local group.

    M 31 and the Milky Way or home galaxy, will eventually expand to become elliptical galaxies, making a sub cluster typically seen in the middle of larger galaxy clusters .. nearby NGC 5128 called Centarus A, is presently undergoing that process.

    Those who cackle on about the age of the universe, expressed as a percentage of it’s present age, say redshift indicates the universe is expanding, after the explosion of a primal atom, that accordingly could only have been located, right where good ol’ Earth is today, the Big Bang hypothesis.