Saturday, August 10, 2013

Can Eating Insects Save the World?

How would you feel about eating deep-fried locusts, ant egg salad or barbequed tarantulas? Can Eating Insects Save The World? With forty tonnes of insects to every human, insects could offer a real solution to the global food crisis, where millions go hungry every day while the meat consumption of the rich draws vast amounts of grain out of the global food chain.

Stefan Gates is on a mission to meet the people in Thailand and Cambodia that hunt, eat and sell edible insects for a living. But nothing quite prepares him for bug farming on this terrifying scale, from stalking grasshoppers at night to catching fiercely biting ants. And it’s not just insects on the menu. Stefan also goes hunting for one of the most notorious spiders on the planet, the tarantula. Stefan asks if the solution is for everyone, the British included, to start eating insects too.

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