Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Elephants of Kilimanjaro

In eastern Africa, a chain of magnificent volcanoes blister the face of the earth. Some are dead, others sleep and at least one is very much alive. There's the Black Mountain, the Sacred Mountain and, most famous of all, an icon of Africa, the Great White Mountain - Kilimanjaro. To indigenous tribes these legendary volcanoes are the homes of the gods and known as the Mountains of Eden. Lying three degrees south of the equator in Tanzania, these earthly pimples are astonishingly diverse. Snow capped peaks and glaciers rise above an alien landscape populated by plants seemingly from another world. Lower slopes are blanketed with forests and at its base, the mountain opens out onto vast savannahs where huge herds roam. The largest and most impressive of all the animals that live on and around the Great White Mountain are elephants. Much less familiar are the shy and rarely seen elephants that dwell in the high forests.

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